That means we’re always developing our knowledge and expertise in lifting and sharing it with our clients. Our profitability, success and growth are positive outcomes and results; they’re not the reason we come to work in the morning.

We invest more time and money than any of our competitors to provide our clients with practical resources to help them improve their businesses, save time and money and most importantly, keep them safe at work.

Lifting & Rigging

Lifting & Rigging

Our lifting equipment repair services include:

  • Identify the problem areas
  • Repair the item
  • Proof load test

Product repair including chain slings, chain blocks, lever hoists, creeper winches, plate clamps etc.

Testing & Inspection

Testing & Inspection

Our testing & inspection team come out to your site and visually inspect all your lifting and rigging equipment.

  • 200T Testing Capacity
  • NATA Accreditation
  • Proofload Testing
  • Visual Inspection
Height & Safety

Height & Safety

It is a requirement, by law, that those people in control of a building must ensure that safe access is provided to all areas where a person is required to work, including areas where a person may fall. This responsibility covers employees, visitors and contractors. The team at Total Lifting & Rigging are highly experienced at designing and installing height safety systems. Our network of engineers, consultants and certified installers can install systems strictly to manufacturer’s specifications and the technical requirements that comply with all Australian Standards.

Hire Job & Equipment

Hire Job & Equipment

Why hire Lifting and Rigging Equipment from Total Lifting & Rigging PTY LTD ?

We been on the industries for more than 16 years , supporting your needed of hire lifting and rigging equipment in the Pilbara and Western Australia. We only provide the best service and quality to meet your requirement of lifting and rigging equipment hire to get your job done safely and on time.

What is the minimum days you can hire ?

Hire equipment with Total Lifting & Rigging is flexible .. we have no limitation time for how long you want to hire the equipment . You can arrange your own time as your needed, whether it’s for a day, a week, a month or a year, we can provide the right lifting & rigging hire for your solution. Our Hire Equipment is all certified accordance with relevant Australian Standard also regularly tested and inspected before out of the door for your hire job.

Testing & Inspection


Our L.E.R ( Lifting Equipment Register ) online facility enables our customer to:

  • View Their Rigging/Lifting equipment listing
  • View the last frequent inspection date
  • Downloading Certificate (Certificate are available for downloading if the item has been tested by total lifting rigging)
  • Total lifting L.E.R is simple and very easy to use.
  • Call us for more information.
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